Simply Charming Photos 850~368~5801: Photo Tips and Shoots

Time to update your family portrait? * - Have your kids grown since your last family portrait? Have you added more adorable faces to your family? Do you even have a professional family portrait?

The more you keep putting off your family portrait, the more your kids will grow and change, and before you know it you won't have anything to show for the best years of your life. Don't be one of those people who look back and say, "I wish I would have.." Be the one who does something about it.

Book your beach portrait with us and we will capture those memories that you so want to remember.

• Having a Family Reunion? - Now that you've gotten the entire family together (who knows when that will happen again), a Beach Portrait is the perfect way to remember this special occasion.

• Getting Engaged? - Can you think of a more romantic setting for engagement photos than the beach? Beach portraits are a perfect way to show the world the love you have for one another.

• For the Grandparents? - Is there anything in the world that makes grandma and grandpa happier than to have pictures of their grandkids? What a terrific present to give them. You can help make them the envy of all their friends. Family beach portraits are a great way to share your love.

• Are you a High School Senior? - Beach portraits are a perfect way to remember that once in a lifetime senior year. Be the one who stands out in the crowd! How many of your friends are going to have their senior pictures taken on the beach? Are any of them? If you're looking to do something truly special, a senior beach portrait is certainly the way to go.

• Sending out Christmas/Holiday cards this year?- What a great idea for Holiday Photos.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How far in advance to we need to book our beach portrait?
Since we have limited availability, we recommend booking your beach portrait as soon as possible so that you are assured of a time that is suitable for you. If, however, you decide last minute to have a beach portrait taken, please call us. We may be able to accommodate you with very little advanced notice - possibly even the same day!

When is the best time of day to have our beach portrait taken?
The lighting is best either early morning or early evening. The exact time varies depending on the time of year. We will be able to give you an exact time when you book your beach portrait. Sunset shoots are beautiful after 7:00p.m, hurry as these spots are hard to get.

What should we wear?
Coordinating outfits are strongly recommended. Some of the more popular choices are: khaki/white, denim/white, white/white. When you book your beach portrait we will discuss your wardrobe in detail - including what NOT to wear! Try to stay with 2-3 colors if at all possible, this includes neutrals, pastels and solids.

How long will our beach portrait session take?
Most beach portrait sessions will last in the neighborhood of about an hour. Perhaps a little longer or shorter depending on the total number of people in the shoot and the number of children in the shoot.

What else should we know ?
Best not to wear glasses during your shoot, if it can be avoided. Wind !!! It gets very windy at times so you might want to bring a clip or anything that might help with the wind.